Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ahmed Harara: "Egypt is Impotant More than My Eyes"

Ahmed Harara
Ahmed Harara
the Egyptian activist Ahmed Harara, the dentist who lost his left eyes in Friday 28 Jan, then he lost the right eye in the latest protests 19 November, was telling his story to CNN about losing his eyes, " I reached Tahrir square at early time about 3:00 AM then I joined the first lines with the protesters " he said.

he continued " my eyes has been injured by a rubber bullet, I fell down and I couldn't see anything around " .. then he said that one of his friends took him to the Field Hospital but they couldn't help him at the time so they took him to the hospital.

Harara continued " my eyes is not important more than Egypt ", he wished if he will be able to travel to Switzerland for cure, he assured that he was not belong to any political movement or any parties in the first revolution.

He added " I wish that the central security officer Mahmoud Sobhy El Shennawy will be punished for what he did with the Egyptians eyes " then he described him " Eyes Hunter ".


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