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Let's start as they all start, I am an Egyptian and I am proud LOL .. yes I am an Egyptian called Muhammed who is proud of being a Muslim and Egyptian, I am not activist to be honest I don't know the meaning of activist, but they all saying that the activist is someone so active and talking a lot about politics and he's supporting some political ideology mostly they are liberalism, this is the definition of the activist for me, if anyone else has another definition please let me know I like to learn more, but for me I am not activist I am just someone who loves his country more than anything.

I believe in Jan25 revolution, I protested from the 1st day 25 like everyone who participated and still participating in what we began the last year, I am a thug as they are calling in this fucking corrupted media " The official Egyptian Media ( Maspero ) " and this is something new makes me more proud, I created this Blog when the 1st Muhammed Mahmoud clashes began, I was there seeing with my eyes everything happening, but when I go back home I find that the guys dying of the expired rotten tear gas, rubber bullets became thugs and criminals in the Egyptian TV, even my foreign friends out told me that " why you are destroying Egypt " hahahaha so I decided to create this blog to spread and publish everything happening there in Tahrir square and to publish the news related to the revolution to show all the people that WE ARE NOT THUGS.

I chose the domain name because It's expressing my idea, Daily Egypt News = Everything happening in Egypt everyday, I am not an official newspaper, I am just one person, but I will be happy if someone wanted to participate in publishing anything important in Egypt, or any crime happening by the bloody SCAF hands, you can leave me a comment on any post in the blog and I will read it and contact you as soon as I read it.

grazie a tutti chi hanno letto tutto quello che ho scritto :D

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