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protesters and police clash in Tahrir Square

after the Egyptian police forces opened the fire on the protesters in Tahrir square to disperse them and kick them of the square, then the clashes began and the numbers of the protesters increased by the time.

some of the interior ministry generals called the Egyptian TV saying " we didn't use any weapon and our forces are not armed " but the following photos are showing that his talk is not right because the police used the gas tear bombs and the rubber bullets.

until now there are about 600 injured persons and 1dead who called " Ahmed Muhammad Mahmoud " , the manager of Al Qasy Al Einy declared that the reason of death is a bullet in the chest.

Let's see the photos :

the prospects is increasing for Abo Terika's return

Bob Bradley with Egypt
the coach of Egypt national team Bob Bradley decided to exclude the professional players abroad from the upcoming camp, and the prospects is increasing for Abo Terika's return to the team.

Bradley will not be able to call the professional players abroad, for their association with their clubs.

about Goalkeeping, after El Shenawi joined the olympic team the rivalry now is between four names ( Amir Abd El Hamid, Muhammad Abd El Mounsif, Abd El Wahid El Sayed and Al Hani Somalian ).

Bradley insisted on establishing this camp for 1 week to be able to know the players more.

the Italian mathematician is about launching Google competitor

the Italian mathematician Massimo Marchiori
Massimo Marchiori
the Italian mathematician "Massimo Marchiori" who helped with the giant's search algorithm is preparing to launch his own search engine.

Marchiori who was a member in Google's search Engine algorithm development is about launching his own search engine before the end of the year to compete Google which dominated on search engine field.

The Italian Mathematician, working as a professor at Padua university, nowadays he began to talk about his new project in some videos he posted on some website

in some video he appeared sitting on a bench in a park and writing on his whiteboard, he says: "It's not just Google plus 10%. It's a different perspective. It's a new radical view of what a search engine of the future could be."

his own new website allows the visitors to register for a chance to become "Power users," who will be able to contribute in testing the beta version of the search engine, which will be available in twelve languages.

some interview has been published on Corriere della sera in its edition for Thursday, Massimo refused to explain more about Volunia's advantages which will make set it apart of the recent competitors

"For the moment I can't say any more, I'm really sorry ... The fact is that an enterprise like Google, to give an example, would have no difficulty in setting 100 engineers to work day and night on our idea and in coming out before us," Marchiori said.

"If I didn't think it was something big, capable of competing with the giants of online search, I would never have got involved," he said.

Marchiori said the basic idea was simple and radically different from the current approach of the major search engines. "If Google uses a club, we will work with a fencer's foil. The difference of our search engine is what will enable us to emerge. And because Volunia will be really useful to people."

Massimo is one of Tim Berners Lee's World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) members, also he worked on the platform for privacy preferences (P3P), also he worked on the Web Ontology Language (OWL). His own search engine algorithm has been declared at a conference in California in 1996, his algorithm used later into the page rank system of Google.

Mariano Pireddu
Mariano Pireddu
in northeast Italy, specifically in Padua, the headquarters of the new project are located. " Mariano Pireddu " is an Italian business man from Sardinia is supplying the new project financially.

"The partners are myself and Massimo, plus all the researchers who have collaborated on the project," Mariano Pireddu said in an interview. "None of us is dreaming of creating a better search engine than Google. We think we can create an engine that is different from Google."

"Volunia's servers will be based in Sardinia and provided by Tiscali, but Tiscali founder Renato Soru is not an investor" Pireddu said.

"We have sufficient funds to finance the early stages of the venture. It's premature to talk about the possible entry of new investors," Mariano said.

"The market will tell us in a democratic way whether our idea was good. If users like it, it means we have done a good job. If not, we'll correct the product," Mariano said.

Marchiori said in his Interview with Corriere della sera that Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google's founders , didn't forget about his contribution to Google formula. Massimo added "The idea of a vendetta never even occurred to me,". "The truth is that it's such a beautiful idea it would be a shame not to be able to realize it. And now is the right moment to do it."

The New Search Engine : Volunia 
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