Tahrir Square

How To help the protesters in Tahrir Square ?
we need everyone support even if you are not able to be with us in Tahrir, you have a lot of ways to help us, I will try in this post to collect all the ways to help inside or outside the square.

1 - Volunteers:

A) Volunteers Doctors: we need a lot of doctors to be in the field hospital in the following hospitals ( Omar Makram Hospital, Qasr El Dobara church hospital behind Tahrir foundation, both is so far of the clashes with the central states forces, plus we need doctors to make the first aids so fast, because the number of the dead and the injured is increasing and a lot of the doctors there are exhausted of working continuously, we need specifically the following surgery, orthopedic and ophthalmology doctors.

B) Volunteers Lawyers: to stay with the Martyrs families in Zienhom Morgue to prove the reasons of death.

C) Volunteers: to be with the Martyrs families to support them morally.

2 - Blood Donation : PLEASE ALL - Go ahead to El Qasr Al Ainy Hospital - Blood Donation Center. 

3 - The Necessary Needs To Survive:    
  • Food ( Like Biscuits, Cookies, Bread, Dates, Milk, Juices ).
  • Glasses to protest the eyes from the Tear gas.
  • Coffins for the Martyrs in the Morgue.
  • Masks, breathing Ventolin inhalers, Hydro Sword (relieves the symptoms of tear gas), salt solution. Solution drought, Voltarin ampoules, Abeko Gel, Navkon drops, ointments burns.
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4 - Important Number save it and try to spread it

*The Field Hospital Numbers :

*No For The Military Trials Numbers :

*Hot Lines :

For Complaints or Lawyers requests :

For The Medical Support:

6) Spread the truth everywhere you can Everyone who is not able to be with us in Tahrir you can do us a favor and try to publish what happened to make it clear for " You Family, Friend, Neighbors, workmates " , we all know that they have a brain wash because of the Egyptian TV and a lot of Private Egyptian channels

I think this Photo is describing everything 

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