Saturday, May 12, 2012

nothing else to say just a7a

Poster for Mohamed Mohsen, another victim of t...
Poster for Mohamed Mohsen, another victim of the SCAF, artwork by Carlos Latuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It's so easy to read what I will write now but believe me It's so hard to live it in real, no one can imagine that the SCAF will reach this level of violence and will be aggressive as much It was this day, I can't deny that they were so smart, I can't deny that they are the most professional in playing the dirty games.

everyone who knows how the SCAF is dealing with the protests and the demonstrations he would expect it, It was so clear that they are trying to increase the distance between the revolution and the Egyptian people.

over a week the dirty media was doing a great job to describe the people who are protesting beside and note what I said " beside the ministry of defense, even with 700 M away, but the headlines everyday were like " Abo Ismael sons still protesting in front of the ministry of defense - a bloody night between Abo Ismael sons and Abbaseya's people " for 7 days more than 75% of the Egyptian media were publishing the same headlines trying to describe the protesters as a fan of someone.

I am not one of Abo Ismael sons even I am not a son of any presidential candidates, because I don't believe that It will be fair elections, anyway after a bloody night " Sunday " clashing with the thugs in Abbaseya in front of El Demerdash hospital, I began to feel that SCAF is preparing to end the protests in Abbaseya I expected the violence but I didn't expect this crime.

the clashes began so fast no one knew how It happened and who began but what I saw is the tear gas bombs covering Abbaseya sky with the Gas then the Military police forces moving to Abbaseya destroying everything in their way the field hospital and the doctors and beating the wounded.

arresting and going more and more to El Noor Mosque, they entered the Mosque with their shoes arresting the men and the women inside, you know!! It was like a movie, you run from the Mosque going to the streets to find the thugs waiting with their knifes to kill you, I think that there's no need to tell more It's so clear in the videos.

I just have some questions and I need answers,

until now we the ministry of interior didn't arrest the thugs whom were using the knifes and the guns and a lot of photographer took clear photos for them

is there any " soldier " in the Egyptian army able to leave his beard growing? , I am asking this questions regarding to Tantawi's visit to his wounded soldiers in the Military hospital

there's a lot a lot a lot of questions have no answers " I doubt " we all know the answers but the most of us trying to avoid saying It, every time any clashes happens they are able just to blame the protesters, but the other side " BIG NO " .. I think It's the time for saying A7A


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