Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Martyrs Families's Rage Day

the violent clashes between the protesters and the Egyptian police
the violent clashes between the protesters and the Egyptian police

January 25 Revolution martyrs Families have taken to El-Tahrir Square after a night of violent and clashes with police reminded us of the street battles from the first 18 days of the Revolution.

and in a reaction to the current violent clashes between the Police forces and the protesters in Tahrir sq at 12:15 Egypt main stock index the EGX30 declined 1.05 per cent at the start of Wednesday's session

12:05 The Revolution Coalition, the 6th of April Movement and a number of other groups are calling for an open sit-in in Tahrir Square starting from today 29 June until "the people's demands are met.” The sit-in, according to the statement published on the group's Facebook page, is to continue daily until 10pm.

Groups calling for another Friday of Rage on 8 July have made the following demands:

An immediate end to the emergency law
Dismissing the Prosecutor-General, the interior minister, the finance minister and all ministers affiliated with the ousted president's National Democratic Party and appointing an information minister from the revolutionaries.
The National Association for Change to become an interim parliament until parliamentary elections are held. The interim parliament will then be in charge of reviewing and passing any laws submitted by the government.
The role of the army will be to defend the borders and assist the police until it can begin functioning as normal
Dismissing all current governors and holding elections for civilian governors within 60 days.

12:00. "We expected blue chip companies, which were doing well yesterday, to decline today based on selling data. When the clashes happened, we became sure this would be the result," Ashraf Abdul Aziz, head of institutions sales at Arabia Online Securities, told Ahram Online.

11:55 Protesters are collecting spent tear gas canisters, indicating to our reporter that they have “Made in USA” stamped in clear blue letters on the shell.

11:50 An Ahram Online reporter confirms the use of rubber bullets by police inside the square. Protesters are chanting: “The people demand the removal of the Field-Marshall" – referring to Egypt’s de-facto military ruler Field-Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi.

11:45 Tear gas canisters are finding their way into AUC’s campus. Protesters are jumping inside to remove the canisters and prevent any possible fires. Traffic begins to flow through Tahrir Square except around Abdel Moniem Riad Square.

11:42 Protesters are trying to build barricades to prevent police from entering Tahrir Square via Mohammed Mahmoud Street. They are facing a “nonstop bombardment of tear gas,” according to an Ahram Online reporter near the ministry of interior.

11:27 Zamalek Ultras group announces on Twitter that they will soon head to Tahrir Square to join the protesters.

11:20 An eyewitness tells Ahram Online that the clashes Tuesday began after the families of the martyrs protested outside the Cabinet offices demanding 'justice'. The police proceeded to attack the protestors until they reached Tahrir Square where they started chanting slogans against the police and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the country’s de-facto rulers.

The police attached the protesters again in Tahrir, according to the account. The clashes outside the Balloon Theatre followed those that took place outside the Cabinet.

11:16 Police retreat to the other end of Falaki Street, according to an eyewitness. Around a hundred demonstrators begin moving towards the retreating police.

11:05 In the twitterverse, ElBaradie messages: "Sluggishness, opaqueness & confusion eroding credibility. Clear vision, transparency, time line & genuine participation urgently required."

11:00 Clashes are still on-going at the interior ministry. Protesters are marching down Bab El-Louq Street towards the ministry but are finding their way obstructed by volleys of tear gas. Hundreds are being transferred to the ambulances.

10:58 The cabinet issues a statement on its official Facebook page, stating that Prime Minister Essam Sharaf is calling on all Egyptian youth to protect the revolution. Sharaf adds that there is some systematic plan to spread chaos throughout the country. Furthermore, the prime minister is following the matter and has been in contact with the interior ministry since Tuesday night.

10:55 Health ministry confirms the death of one of the wounded protesters at the Balloon Theatre in Agouza, Cairo.

10:45 Thousands are gathered in Tahrir Square after a bloody night . Police are firing tear gas relentlessly into crowds of protesters along Qasr El-Aini Street close to the American University in Cairo's downtown campus. According to an Ahram Online reporter more than a dozen ambulances are lined up nearby, providing aid to numerous victims, asphixiated by the barage of tear gas.


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