Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Egyptian Parliamentary Election 2011

the upcoming days will be so excited for all the world specifically for the Egyptians, because the first Parliamentary election after Mubarak era will be held in Egypt in the current month November 2011.

this election is so important for all because It comes after the Mubarak era and I think all the Egyptians remember the latest election in 2010 " the counterfeit election " and all the world know that this elections was one of the reasons of Egypt revolution at the beginning of the year 25 Jan.

this election comes after a long transitional phase which was full of problems, the most important problem and I think It's still exist "The Sectarian strife", a lot of accidents like " Attfeh " and " Mary Mina Church in Embaba " and the latest one " Maspero " which happened between the Christians and the Egyptian Armed forces.

this election comes with a lot of fears that It will not succeed because of all the current events, the conflicts between the Egyptian political movements, the Islamic including Salafi Party and Ikhwan Party and the conservative parties and the Liberal parties and those who call themselves " The Egyptian Seculars " and the dangerous side " the National Party Remnants ".

all the Egyptian parties now are trying to attract the Egyptian Citizens to gain their trust, they all know that All the Egyptians now thinking about future and what will happen in the upcoming days, they are looking for improving their financial status.

and all of what I mentioned above is nothing beside the upcoming conflict with the Military Council, the conflict will happen because of The Council behavior and All his members actions, after Tantawi and Sami Anan testimonies in Mubarak Trial when they said that they didn't receive any orders to use the violence in dealing with the protesters which came against what they said in the early time of the revolution. this testimony created a lot of fears in the Egyptian community that The Military Foundation was deceiving from the beginning and a lot of people said " It's just a movie ".

the most optimistic are saying that this election will never succeed because of the bad security situation, thugs and criminals, and all the people are saying that a disaster will happen in the upcoming election.

the election system will be (( two thirds of the parliament will be elected by the closed party lists and the other third will be elected by the individual system, this election system will divide Egypt into 83 counties. ))

To be Continue.


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