Sunday, November 20, 2011

Talaat El Sadat died at the early hours of Sunday

Talaat El Sadat Egypt National party Chairman passed away in the early hours of Sunday, at the age 64 years after a heart attack.

The Emergency Department has received Talaat Sadat Sunday morning, and they attempted to revive the heart without a response until he passed away.

Taalat El Sadat is the son of Esmat El Sadat the brother of the Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat, working as a lwayer and he worked on one of the most famous cases in Egypt " Bani Mazar's Massacre " in El Minya Province.

he was sentenced for one year in a Military trial because of his opinion in the negligence of the Egyptian Armed forces in defense Anwar El Sadat when he was assassinated 6th October 1981.


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